Friday, February 8, 2013

I Believe in Unicorns, Too!

Here's my painting for the "I believe in unicorns, too!" show at WWA Gallery in Culver City. The show is not necessary a unicorn themed show. It's more of a celebration of the positive aspects of life. Most of my art focus on the carefree side of life with a magical day dream twist so I was pleased explore this theme. What's better than a unicorn? I think a Magical puppy would be fun to play with. 

"WWA Gallery’s much loved anti-doom and gloom exhibit “I Believe in Unicorns” gallops back into town on rainbow hooves Saturday, February 16th with “I Believe in Unicorns, Too!”

I Believe in Unicorns, Too!
Opening: Saturday, February 16th 7-10pm
February 16th - March 23rd

Posted via email from Jeremiah Ketner