Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Custom Toys for Art Whino: ART BASEL


Art Whino: ART BASEL

3 Day exhibit during Art Basel Miami

In conjunction with Art Basel, Miami and its surrounding Art Fairs, Art Whino will present three exhibitions unified in one space. The focus this year will be to present New Brow’s distinct subcultures to the Art Basel world. The custom vinyl exhibit will showcase the premiere artists in this genre.  With a series of large scale murals, we will bring street art indoors and accompany each colossal piece with smaller works by each artist. Finally, we will team up with Hope Gallery to bring Quick & Painful.  This exhibit will feature the work of more than 15 important artists and designers with backgrounds in fine art, graffiti, and illustration in a unique exhibition where Fine Art becomes tattooed skin.  The exhibition will be located in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District along with other accompanying art fairs. 

Event Location:

425 NW 26th St

Miami, Florida 33127

For more info please visit: ArtWhino.com


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