Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Jibibut Customs for We Heart Wood

Here is my collection of Jibibut customs for Noferin's show We Heart Wood. I enjoyed making these. Working with wood is so much better than vinyl. Its so much easier to sand, cut and chew on. Plus wood makes the colors pop a bit more, in my opinion. If you are in LA check the show out first hand at Munky King and if you are stuck in the midwest like I am be sure to enjoy the show online. I am sure there will be plenty of coverage given the amazing lineup of Artist in this show.

We Heart Wood, Noferin Jibibuts Show @ Munky King, Los Angeles, CA
April 8, 2010

Everything should be Small and Round

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Noeli que feliz said...

fantastic!! love your work!!

jim bradshaw said...

These are absolutely wonderful, Jeremiah!!!

maria rita cecilia said...

how quaintly crafted! how big are these pieces? beautiful work.