Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Animal Nature @ Instinct Gallery

moon light garden, originally uploaded by smallandround.

I have some new pieces available for a group show at Instinct Gallery in Des Moines IA. It's a fairly new gallery and it's in Iowa so I am curious as to how my work will be received there. The show opens on Saturday Aug 1st. There are many talented Artist included in the exhibit, so it should be a promising show. More details here:

Animal Nature @ Instinct Gallery

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 1, from 7pm-11pm
1408 Locust Street - Des Moines, IA

Also exhibiting will be:

John Stuart Berger, Jen Lobo, Rudy Fig, Sam Ramos, Jorsh Pena, Netherland, Chris Brett, Jamie Fales, M@R$H, Van Holmgren, Anna CF, Vanja Borcic, Michelle Holley, KettleArt, MAC IX, Jason Scott Hoffman, Rachel Buse and many more!


Unknown said...

I just followed you over from Twitter and I'm so glad I did! Your work is phenomenal! Really beautiful, inspiring stuff. I'm putting you on my blog roll so I can visit often and be inspired.

AnnaBelleArts said...

Hi Jeremiah, I will have to let Tara know about your show, it sounds great. She lives in DesMoines. Love your work as always! love the earphone girl.