Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Alcove Contemporary Arts Gallery May 8th

This Friday May 8th I will have some new paintings in a group show with Julie West, Jason Limon and Justin Kauffmann at The Alcove Contemporary Arts Gallery, Atlanta, Ga, Opening, May 8th. It should be another powerful show. I wish my jet was not still being serviced because I would love to fly down and check it out along with another great show in Seattle at Halogen Gallery. Check out the gallery website if you are interested in any of my pieces: http://www.hcwarner.com/alcove/


Anonymous said...

Yeah man, I wish I could go and check it out too. My jet is not broken, I just can't afford a ticket to board it. Good to be a able to show with you.

Renae Radford said...

Wow!! This is so great Jeremiah!! Congrats on getting the cover! :)